E-Measurement Books

The Cantonment Board, Amritsar has taken a unique initiative towards digital India Campaign for the general public to have transparent access of measurement books of all the public works done by the Board.This step in in compliance of the RTI Act, 2005.


The procedure of obtaining information from the website portal is as follows:-

Step 1:- The list of public works carried out by the Board is available on E-Measurement page of the website.
Step 2:- The copying fee in respect of each file is shown against the name of work
Step 3:- The applicant need to deposit the copying fee in the office of Cantonment Board, Amritsar.
Step 4:- A unique username and password will be provided to the applicant by the office of Cantonment Board, Amritsar when the copying fee is deposited by the applicant.
Step 5:- The applicant can obtain the information online by entering his/her username and password.


Click Here to view the list of works that have been executed by the Cantonment Board in the year 2016-2017.