Elementary School:

Amritsar Cantonment Board assures primary education to all children living in the Cantonment area.

Cantonment Board Elementary School :-

– One (upto VII std including nursery class)

– Head Teacher (01 Authorised, 01 Onroll, 0 Deficiency)

– Teacher (09 Authorised, 02 Onroll, 07 Deficiency)

– No. of Students: 232

Cultural Activities :-

-The students are allowed to take part in intra and inter school cultural activities.

Citizen’s responsibilities:-

The board expects that parents of the children studying in the CBA school should associate themselves more effectively in the activities of the school. There should be a sense of involvement among the parents in the education of their own children.

Want to Apply:

Application for admission will be received by Head of School from 1 st April on every yr.

Confirmation/Rejection of admission Confirmation of admission on the spot.