About Us

Organogram : Cantonment Board Amritsar cantt



  • To ensure healthy environment for the citizens
  • To utilize the resources in a judicious way in the best interests of the Board and its citizens
  • To provide quality primary education at affordable cost
  • To provide basic health facilities at affordable prices
  • To maintain the land records of the notified Civil area as per rules


  • To emerge as one of the best managed cantonment providing high quality services to the troops and the civil population.
  • To maintain pollution free, eco-friendly, clean and green Cantonment.

Our Principles

  • Respect and compassion.
  • Dedication and commitment to our duties and responsibilities.
  • Professionalism in work culture and attitude towards quality service.

Our Duties

  • To provide excellent works, services and commitment to the civil.
  • To provide service in a courteous and professional manner.
  • To provide high quality and cost effective services.
  • To maintain and develop the basic services such as roads, drains, water supply, dispensary, schools, parks and street lighting.