Citizen’s Charter

Citizen’s Charter is a document which represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the organization towards its citizens’ in respect of standard of public services, information, choice and constitution, accessibility, grievance redressal and courtesy etc. This also includes expectations of the organization from the citizen’s for fulfilling their commitment towards society and organization.

The Charter comprises following components :


  1. Details of Business transacted
  2. Details of Customers/clients
  3. Statement of services
  4. Mechanism of grievance redressal
  5. Cantonments Electoral Rules, 2007
  6. Expectations from the citizens’ Top


The duties and functions of the Cantonment Board laid down under section 62 and 64 of the Cantonments Act, 2006 provide for both the mandatory and discretionary functions as are briefly given hereunder :

  • Lighting streets
  • Public works
  • Birth and Death registration
  • Sanitation
  • Tree plantation
  • Medical services
  • Water Supply
  • Primary education
  • Fire Services
  • Town planning
  • Civil defence
  • Library
  • Education
  • Sports activities etc.


The Cantonment is divided into wards for smooth administration and proper civil representation. The names of all persons who have attained 18 years of age and residing for not less than six months immediately preceeding the qualifying date, in the Cantonment area are included in the electoral rolls every year. The preliminary electoral rolls are published on 1st of July each year. The claims and objections can be presented to the Chief Executive Officer within 20 days. The final publication of electoral rolls is done on 15 September every year. The necessary forms can be obtained from the Cantonment Board office.


The Bye-Laws of the Cantonment Board are available in Cantonment Board Office pertaining to the following matters :

  1. Buildings
  2. Licenses
  3. Regulation of trades
  4. Registration and Control of dogs
  5. Registration of Birth & Death
  6. Disposal of dead & waste
  7. Slaughter of animals
  8. Traffic Regulations
  9. Business Regulations etc.


  1. Cantonment Bye- Laws
  2. Assessment Register
  3. Electoral Rolls
  4. Birth & Death Records
  5. GLR & other Land Records pertaining to the civil areas
  6. Minutes of the Cantonment Board meetings, committees etc.

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