One OPD dispensary run by Cantonment Board headed by Doctor assisted by Pharmacist and one trained dai. Dental and Physiothrapy treatment is also provided in Cantt. Board dispensary.

Dental Section: Timings – 9 AM to 3 PM

Physiotherapy: Timings – 9 PM to 3 PM

Free essential medicines are given.

The patients are expected to properly utilize the medicines and deposit surplus medicines with the hospital.

The citizen should take preventive measures rather than curative measures.

Registration of Births and Deaths:

The Chief Executive Officer has been designated as Local Registrar of Births and Deaths for births and deaths occurred within the territorial limits of the cantonment. The Birth certificates are issued on payment of requisite fee fixed by the State Government.

The citizens are expected to get the births and deaths registered in the office of the Cantonment Board, Amritsar within specified time.

Birth/Death Certificate Application