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Peyush Bansal – The Billionaire Co-founder of Lenskart

Lenskart’s founder and CEO Peyush Bansal serves as a judge on the popular Indian Shark Tank. Peyush Bansal was born in New Delhi, India, on April 26, 1985. In 2021, Peyush Bansal is 36 years old.

Peyush Bansal is of Indian descent and practices the Hindu religion. He has dark skin and a great personality. Peyush Bansal is well-known in India for his role as a shark tank judge.

We will look at Peyush Bansal’s biography, wife, children, age, height, weight, family, net worth, and social media in this post. Family, Education, and Birth.

NamePeyush Bansal 
Date of birth April 26, 1985
Age36 Years 
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Job Profile CEO at lenskart
Religion Hinduism 
College McGill University And Indian Institute of Management 
Height 6 feet 
Weight 78 kg 
NET Worth $80 million Approximately

Peyush Bansal – Birth Date, Family, Education Path 

PeyuPeyush Bansal was born in New Delhi, India, on April 26, 1985. He will now be 36 years old in 2022. Peyush Bansal was born and raised in New Delhi, India.

Peyush Bansal was born in India to Indian parents. They always have backed Peyush Bansal’s smart judgment. He had always desired to be a successful entrepreneur. In New Delhi, India, he completed his schooling and received the best education available. Before understanding Peyush Bansal’s success story, it’s important to understand his personal life.

Peyush Bansal’s parents live in Downtown Delhi and encouraged and supported him when he started his own company. Peyush Bansal’s height and weight are suitable for a quite like gentleman. From 2002 to 2006, Peyush Bansal completed his training for the Honors Bachelor of Engineering program at McGill University in the Electrical – IT, Control, and Automation, division.

Peyush Bansal was born on April 26, 1985, in New Delhi, India. In 2021, his age is 36. Peyush Bansal was raised in New Delhi, India by his parents. Peyush Bansal’s parents were Indian citizens. They have always supported Peyush Bansal in his good decision. He always wanted to be a successful businessman. He finished his studies in New Delhi, India, and received the best possible education.

Peyush Bansal’s personal life needs to be identified before studying his success story. Peyush Bansal’s nationality is Indian. Peyush Bansal is currently 36 years old and his date of birth is April 26, 1985. To become a magnificent businessman, Peyush Bansal’s family supported him a lot.

Peyush Bansal earned a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from IIM Bangalore, giving him the confidence to start a new firm and transform his life. Peyush Bansal’s personal information indicates that he enjoys watching movies and playing basketball.

Human capital, organizational growth, and financial linkages are some of his areas of interest. The honor of the British Association Medal conferred by McGill University in 2006 adds to the biographical facts of Peyush Bansal’s founder.

Peyush Bansal Height And Weight

Peyush Bansal is a dark-haired man with dark eyes. It has an average morphology. Peyush Bansal stands 6 feet, 0 inches, 182 centimeters, and 1.82 meters tall, and weighs 78 kilograms (170 pounds).

Peyush Bansal is a Canadian graduate of Don Bosco High School and McGill University. He later went on to the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore to complete his education.

Peyush Bansal’s Career At Microsoft

Peyush Bansal worked as a program manager at Microsoft Corporation in the United States in 2007. Despite the fact that Peyush Bansal’s initial position at Microsoft was rewarding, he only stayed for a year. Return to India and become an entrepreneur. He had one aim in mind when he was 24, and that was to launch an e-commerce company.

Starting off New Venture

Some entrepreneurs, such as Snapdeal founder Kunal Bahl, are seeking a simple method to define new business standards. Peyush Bansal met several people who were searching for a new business that could cater to a variety of demands.

Peyush Bansal launched the first project website “” in January 2008 with an initial investment of 25 lakhs after speaking with students from the University of Delhi, many more services were utilized by college students In June 2008, he registered his company as Valyoo Technologies and improved his business dealings with college students and commercial marketing.

While graduating from IIM Bangalore in December 2008, he shuttered and focused on launching a new business.

Creating Lenskart With History

With the development of an online site that delivers very useful and valuable products to clients, Peyush Bansal’s biography is significant. For online store customers, the product line comprises glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

In November 2010, Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi, co-founders of Lenskart, opened this business. It is a privately held corporation situated in New Delhi with Indian clients.
Peyush Bansal founded with imprinted words encouraging people to interact and explore.

Lenskart has launched physical locations around India. It has 49 offline branches across the country.
IDG Ventures India raised around 200 crores in three fundraising rounds.

This year, Peyush Bansal’s next objective is to open outlets in more locations around the country. Peyush Bansal’s net worth increases year after year as he operates his business efficiently. In 2014, Lenskart made Rs.100 crore in income.

Peyush Bansal Success & Recognition

With strong commitment and innovation with new technology, the company was also awarded the Marketing Sherpa Email Awards 2014 for the “Create and Design – ECommerce” category.

The interview with Peyush Bansal was conducted by and is still available on YouTube, making his success story known around the world. For corporate updates, Peyush Bansal’s Twitter profile com has been opened. When it won the India TV Yuva Awards in 2015, it gained even more popularity.

Valyoo Technologies, W123, Greater Kailash Part2, New Delhi, can provide Peyush Bansal’s contact information. Peyush Bansal may be reached at or through his LinkedIn profile.
On July 27, 2015, Forbes India released Peyush Bansal’s latest news regarding his company, which stated that it has entered the $ 10 billion industry.

Peyush Bansal’s Wife – Nimisha Bansal Height, Age, and More

Peyush Bansal’s Wife – Nimisha Bansal
Height Stats and More

165 cm in centimeters
5′ 5″ in feet & inches
New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India
Relationship Stats
The married States Married
Spouse Peyush Bansal

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