Building Plans and applications


All inquiries advice on deficiencies in applications/documents will be attended across the table by CB Site Engineer. On all working days between 1200 noon and 1 pm.
Forms will be supplied by site engineer at CB office , Asr. Cantt. On all working days between 10 am and 1 pm.
Challans for trees/other charges will be issued by cashier at CB office, Asr Cantt. On all working days between 10 am and 1 pm.
Payment of fees/other charges through challans will be received With CB office cashier between 9 am and 2 pm on all working days.
Decision on application for sanction of building plans will be communicated. within 60 days.
Decision on Complete Certificate/plans be communicated within 60 days.

Want to Apply:

Any person who intends to construct, make alteration or additions should apply to the office of the Cantonment Board, Amritsar Cantt. On prescribed form i.e. Form A & B which can be purchased from the SE Cantt. Board office. Each set of forms at the cost fixed by the Board.

Who can apply Lessees, owner, holder of occupancies rights
Types of building proposals any building which confirms to building bylaws
Plans processing fee As prescribed by the Board


Application for building permission should be accompanied by:

– Proposed building plan

– Existing sanctioned building plan

– Copy of document showing lease hold/ownership right

– Admission deed on prescribed proforma duly signed by the application with that the document showing the occupancy rights.

– Form A & B duly filled in all respect by the HOR

Fee/charges for sanctioning:

Fees for sanctioning of plan & completion plans separately as prescribed by the board from time to time
Stacking charges As prescribed by the board for which information will be available at IF counter
Birth/Death Certificate Application