Sanitation Areas:

– Ajnala Road to Mall Road

– Near Distt. Court, Mall Road to Ram Tirath Road

– Harkirat Road, Mohindra Road, Thimmaya Road, Asrappa Road, Cirappa Road, Back Side Military Hospital, Outside Swimming Pool, Out side Army School Area, Outside Panther Auditorium, Security Road, Outside Arty Brigade area, Manakshaw Marg (Gaylot Road), Old and New Shaheed Nagar, Out Side Station Headquarters, Outside GOC Bungalow area, and all link roads.

– Mall Road to Girja Road, Putligarh Road, MES Office and Inspection Bungalow Area

– Sadar Bazaar area, Cantt Board Colony area and all link roads in civil area.

– SP Area, Inf. Area and outside EME Workshop.

– All main drains near main roads in Army and Civil area.

– Trenching Grounds.


– Clearance of roads and streets from Monday to Saturday between 6 am to 2 pm.

– Collection and removal of garbage from 6 am to 2 pm.

– Collection/removal of garbage on receipt of complaint of non-lifting on the same day.

Citizens Responsibility:

– It shall be the duty of an occupier of a building or land to cause all filth, rubbish and other offensive matter collected in the public receptacles, depots, rubbish bins or places provided for the purpose.

– No Citizen shall deposit or cause or permit to be deposited, earth or materials of any description or any offensive matter or rubbish, in any place not intended for the purpose in any street or public place withing the cantonment.

– No citizen shall use or permit to be used as a latrine any place not intended for that purpose.

– No citizen will litter the public streets, parks, public places and unoccupied lands, urinate, defecate in public places, throw garbage in public places except in garbage bins provided by the Board.

– It is the duty of the citizen to keep private cesspool, receptacles clean of filth. No citizen shall let loose any animals so as to cause or negligently allow any animal to cause injury, danger, alarm or annoyance to any person.

– No citizen shall disturb the public peace or order by singing, screaming or shouting or by using mega phone and loud speaker.

– No citizen shall allow their animal to stray in a public street or place.

– To avoid of unhealthy and congested building

– To get the thick, noxious vegetable or undergrowth removed.

Amusement for children – Jogging/Walking facilites in Cantt. Park No. 1. Playing facilities are also provided. Open gym has been installed. Removal of uprooted trees
(due to heavy rain/storm) – Clearance of road on the same day Gap Plantation – Within week except Dec, Jan & Feb of every year Cleaning of water channels along with the lanes – Daily Routine work Plugging of leakage of unfiltered water hydrants – Plugging is done by the Engg. Section immediately Pruning of bushes – Every Month Removal of weeds/wild grass from road side, lanes/by-lanes – Every month and every week as and when required Seasonal flowers – Seasonal flowers planted time to time