Pune to give Pm Modi a headdress; Australian diamond, the use of gold

PM Modi Will visit Pune on Sunday, preparations are going on for modi's visit

Mayor Muralidhar Mohol has made a royal feta for Modi from the famous Pune businessman Girish Murudkar.

Headdress made using Australian diamond.

Girish Murudkar said that he has selected this from about 25 patterns of feta for the Pm.

Acc. to PM Narendra Modi's clothes, they have used cream with red cloth....

High quality Australian diamonds are used in the feta....

Gold plate has placed on the top head of the feta and it is said that it has been given golden water.

Murudkar informed that the feta was made on the theme of the sunflower

Feta made in lightweight and does overheat the head..... Silk and cotton fabrics are used for feta

2,200 police personnel from the state reserve police force, including Force One companies, will be on patrol in the city police force.

Pune police force is also fully prepared for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit

Prime Minister Modi will arrive in Lohgaon at 10 am on Sunday, then they will arrive at Shivajinagar Irrigation building by helicopter....  From there they will drive to Garware College..... They will take the Metro to Anandnagar. After the meeting at MIT, he will go to Lovele.