Shark Tank India's Peyush Bansal gives update on Jugadu Kamlesh's hand drawn carts....shares some of the concerns they are facing....

Peyush Bansal, who invested in pitcher Jugadu Kamlesh and his nephew Naru's hand-drawn carts for farmers....

Peyush posted on his social media account and revealed the progress they have made so far.

Piyush Said that they have initiated the improvisation progress on the cart with the designers...

He also talked about the challenges they are facing....he wrote, "Everyone I meet these days has one question....what is the update on Kamlesh?

He quote....we have initiated design process & consumer validation of the cart with help of Industrial designers

Team visited Malegaon & nearby farms, spent time with different farmers & different crops, along with kamlesh, Naru for feedback."

He added... "Biggest concerns are weight of Cart, movement on different uneven terrains and width of cart".... want do design optimisations and go back and test.

Last month, Peyush had invited Kamlesh and Naru over to his residence where he shared a video about the improvements of the design..

Kamlesh had impressed everyone with his pitch....Peyush had decided to invest Rs 10 lakh in his venture for a 40% stake in the firm KG Agrotech. He also offered a ₹20 lakh loan at a 0% interest rate.